​I am an associate professor at the Department of Government, the University of Texas at Austin. My research centers on distributive politics of fiscal policies in authoritarian regimes, with a focus on China. I am currently working on several research projects that focus on fiscal extraction and their roles in state-society relations and party building. I have published in numerous leading academic journals, and I have been recognized for both research and teaching awards.  I received Ph.D. in Political Science from Yale University in 2011.


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    Xiaobo Lü

    Associate Professor


    Department of Government
    University of Texas at Austin

    On Taxation and Representation: An Empirical Investigation (with Didac Queralt and Jay C. Kao)

    The Fiscal Impact of Land Resources on Social Contention: Evidence from China (with Lynette Ong and Wenhui Yang)

    Delegation of Tax Collection, Local Elites, and State Capacity (with Mingxing Liu and Linke Hou)

    The Origins of Strong Parties: Party Building and Fiscal Extraction during Wartime

    Do “Responsive Officials” or “Sanctioning Officials” Enhance Tax Compliance? Experimental Evidence from China (with Lily Tsai, Minh Trinh, and Ping Zhang)


    ​The End of (Economic) Performance Legitimacy in China? (with Ding Li and Shuang Ma)


    Refereed Journals

    (2020) "Policy Coalition Building in an Authoritarian Legislature:  Evidence from China’s National Assemblies (1983–2007)" (with Mingxing Liu and Feiyue Li) Comparative Political Studies, 53(9): 1380-1416

    ​Paper | Online Appendix

    (2019) “The Sources of De Facto Power and Education Provision: Understanding Local Government Incentive in China” (with Mingxing Liu) Publius: The Journal of Federalism, 49 (2): 325-51.

    Paper | Online Appendix

    (2018) “Does Performance Matter? Evaluating the Institution of Political Selection along the Chinese Administrative Ladder” (with Pierre Landry and Haiyan Duan) Comparative Political Studies, 51(8): 1074 – 1105.

    ​Paper | Online Appendix | Replication Data

    (2016) “Self-Centered Inequity Aversion and the Mass Politics of Taxation” (with Kenneth Scheve) Comparative Political Studies, 49 (14): 1965-97.

    ​Paper | Online Appendix | Replication Data

    (2015) “Intergovernmental Transfers and Local Education Provision – Evaluating China’s 8-7 National Plan for Poverty Reduction” China Economics Review, 33: 200-211.

    ​Paper | Online Appendix

    (2014) “Show Me the Money: Interjurisdiction Political Competition and Fiscal Extraction in China” (with Pierre Landry) American Political Science Review, 108(3): 706-722.

    ​Paper | Online Appendix

    (2014) “Social Policy and Regime Legitimacy: The Effects of Education Reform in China” American Political Science Review, 108(2): 423-437.

    Paper | Online Appendix

    (2014) “Does Changing Economic Well-being Shape Opinion about Inequality in China?” Studies in Comparative International Development, 49(3): 300-320.


    (2013) “Equality of Educational Opportunity and Attitudes toward Income Inequality: Evidence from China” Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 8(3): 271-303.

    ​Paper | Online Appendix | Replication Data

    (2012) “Inequity Aversion and the International Distribution of Trade Protection” (with Kenneth Scheve and Matthew J. Slaughter). American Journal of Political Science, 56(3): 638-654.​

    Paper | Online Appendix | Replication Data

    Refereed Book Chapter

    (2015) “China: Ethical Challenges in Comparative Politics Experiments.” In Ethics and Experiments: Problems and Solutions for Social Scientists and Policy Professionals, ed. Scott Desposato. London: Routledge.


    Book Review

    (2019) Book Review, Daniel Koss. Where the Party Rules: The Rank and File of China’s Communist State. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018), The China Journal, 82 (July): 151-153.


    (2017) Book review, Rory Truex. Making autocracy work: representation and responsiveness in modern China. (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2016), The China Quarterly, 232 (December): 1118-1119.


    (2012) Book review, Andrew B. Kipnis. Governing Educational Desire: Culture, Politics, and Schooling in China (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2011), Comparative Political Studies, 45(5): 667-670.


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